Welcome to Yugabharath

Accept our Efforts

With more than three decades of life, it has been possible to carry out various responsibilities in active social life. In this regard, in many places, closely interacting with people and their living standards are closely examined. I have been able to make a critique of the development of social, economic and political sectors.

At the same time, some of the journalistic management and press writings were introduced. As a social worker I found the need to make a special effort to empower the downtrodden sections of society. They are aware of the social, economic and political changes and are committed to ensuring that the existing situation is in the way of supporting their empowerment.

Another way is to find out the need to fill out the livelihoods in their lives to provide them with information about the various programs and plans that the Central and State Governments are trying to implement and implement for the empowerment of these sections. The weak idea of oppression, negligence and harassment in the current circumstances – women and children in addition to the SCs, STs and BC communities thought that the idea of launching “Yugabharath” with the ambition of neglected communities was inspired by some well-wishers’ friends.

I want to shape “Yugabharath” as a platform for self-confidence and high values for society as represented in the mainstream media. I think the national goals should continue to be a bridge to social change, social equality and social justice, based on the values of freedom, equality and democracy.

-Chief editor